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Each year, we support people in Halton with their mental health, by providing a range of services that help people improve their wellbeing.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, here are some real-life testimonials from the people that matter.

When you come to the social group at Halton Mind you get a real lift it is a great feeling. It’s hard to describe it, you’d have to go through it yourself to understand how it makes you feel, some days you feel like you don’t want to do anything but then knowing that there is someone there who will just listen and give you the time makes you feel really special. I love it, just love it.



The Wellbeing Course at Halton Mind gave me a different way of looking at things and I now try and set myself a goal each day…….. and since completing the course I’ve found employment, I’ve found a social life, I don’t feel like I live in a hole anymore, I’ve found me and I like her



Before I joined the social group at Halton Mind I felt isolated but since becoming involved I feel energised…. I enjoy being around people who understand me……. I like being able to share my interests and people are interested in me…… and when I’m there people listen to me



I’ve not done any exercise for years and I was a bit unsure about the fitness sessions, I thought I’d feel embarrassed. But it was great we did, boxercise and I bought my own gloves, we also did weight training and aerobics, and we sometimes joined in with the walking rugby it was always at a pace that I could do but I still felt puffed at the end of the sessions. One of the best things though was it was fun, there was loads of encouragement and I always felt welcome



Much of this wouldn’t be possible without the people who give their time, money, energy and passion to make sure Mind Halton can be there for everyone who needs us.

When you take on a 5k run, organise a cake sale or choose Mind Halton as your Charity of the Year, you’re doing more than just raising vital funds. You’re also sending a message that mental health in Halton really matters.

However you decide to support us, we’re here to help make it as easy and as fun as possible.

However you decide to support us, we’re here to help make it as easy and as fun as possible.

We can provide you with:

  • Sponsor Forms
  • Collection tins, buckets and Mind booklets
  • Advice and guidance on running events, raffles and collections
  • A T-shirt to wear during your event
  • Help spread the word about your fundraising efforts on Social Media

All money we receive stays in Halton to help support better mental health in our local communities.

For more information send us an email at [email protected]