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When we experience problems it is often helpful to talk over the situation with some else. This could be a friend or family member but there are times when it can be useful to talk to a person who is outside the situation, who has professional skills and experience to assist people with emotional and psychological difficulties.

Counselling offers you the opportunity to explore issues in a private setting with someone who has no other role in your life. It offers you an opportunity to discuss concerns in a way which is different to talking to a friend or family member. Many people find that talking things over with a trained counsellor who is not directly involved can offer a new perspective.

We offer professional and confidential one to one counselling sessions in a comfortable and safe environment where you can feel relaxed and able to discuss concerns freely.

Our counselling service is available to anyone aged 17 years upwards and can be accessed by self-referral as well as from health and social care providers.