Every picture tells a story.

We thought it would be nice to set aside this page as a way of celebrating the activities and achievements of people in Mind Halton and at the same time celebrate the life of the organisation.

Sadly Gordon the artist passed away in 2015.

Gordon had been involved with Mind Halton for many years he was an accomplished musician and a prolific artist who took great pleasure in expressing his thoughts and feelings through painting and music.

He said his artistic approach was inspired by Vincent Van Gough and said of his style ”I paint in an untutored way to illustrate not only life’s philosophies but to use my imagination as well”

Enjoy Gordon’s work




“Still Life with Crown of Thorns”

Originally an exercise but completed in a surreal way. Especially the clouds coming through the open window; part cloud, part mountain. All completed as a warning to drinking and smoking as evil, with subdued crown of thorns. The message – stop smoking and drinking, and take off you crown of thorns and take the vices of man kind. 2003


“Still life Chinese Dwarf with Blue Bottle ”

A traditional subject with enlarge blue bottle fruit and drink with Chinese dwarf as their companion

The Wisdom of Van Gough

A semi abstract work of a still life and background with the religious intent of the candle, van gough old pipe truly van goughs wisdom was the key painting. 2004


“Luke the Evangelist Predicting The Worlds End”

A more expressive work with the moon and stars cascading down from the heavens. The portrait was inspired by a nurse while the artist was in hospital.

Luke was the only Greek Evangelist

A bold attempt to follow expressive works done by the German expressionists. 2005

“Modern Amazon”

 Another bright colourful work with the Amazon woman’s body in vibrant yellow. The woman’s face is slightly faceted following larger abstract works of Picasso

The harsh face and cigarette proclaim the painting so that it portrays a modern woman’s world and appearance regardless of trappings and beauty as sometimes hard cruel brazen like reality 2003.


“Self Portrait”

 A slightly paranoid expression, following the artists, mental illness of schizophrenia. Sombre yet revealing colours are harmonious despite the pink and blue background. 1992

“Christ in Gethsemane ”

Formal and simplified the gold sun lights up the planet possibly seen half million years ago on Mars. The two figures have traditional Egyptian costumes on, and attempt an act of divination with divination rods. 2005

A religious work; the subject being well known around the world by Christians. The cross awaits, the seagull weeps and Christ in communion with his father awaits the decision of Pontius Pilate after being betrayed by Judas Escariot.

He has a red gown on that was, as traditional religious writings told, was gambled away for a few shekels. 2005